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Cosmetic Services - Smart Lipo

Dr. Blase Pignotti has performed liposuction procedures for more than 20 years. He's been particularly impressed with recent breakthroughs in technology that have turned liposuction into a less traumatic, less expensive cosmetic option. As a result, Dr. Pignotti now offers the Smart Lipo procedure at his office.

Liposuction has long been seen as an effective way to get rid of fatty deposits that have lingered despite exercise and changes to diet. In the past, however, some patients have complained about pain tied to the liposuction procedure and a lot of downtime due to the recovery period. The cost of older liposuction techniques also prevented many people from considering the procedure a realistic choice when evaluating cosmetic services.

The Smart Lipo technology changes the liposuction equation by introducing a less invasive, less costly procedure. Europeans were the first to benefit from the Smart Lipo advances, and the US government approved the procedure in 2006. Since that time, Smart Lipo has emerged as the most cutting-edge procedure available to patients here. As with many technological advances, it brings with it greater precision and better results. Patients can expect far less downtime and a more affordable liposuction option.

Dr. Pignotti is renowned for his surgical expertise and precision. Patients interested in Smart Lipo are encouraged to call his office to set up a consultation to discuss ideal candidates, how the procedure differs from what has previously been available and what types of results you can expect. 

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